AusLogics Duplicate File Finder

AusLogics Duplicate File Finder 6.1

Detect duplicate files on your hard disk and get rid of them

For multiple reasons, duplicates of many of your files may be created on your hard disk over the years. Those duplicates can take too much disk space, leaving very little space for more necessary files. Luckily, you can use tools like AusLogics Duplicate File Finder, which helps you detect duplicate files and get rid of them in various ways. Moreover, you can use it for free.

The program allows you to detect duplicates of your files of all types in a very easy way, thanks to its practical interface that acts like a wizard. In the first step, you can tell the program what kind of files to analyze - all of them, or just image, audio, video, archive or executable ones, or any combination of them. Next, you can refine your search by setting the program to ignore the files smaller than and/or larger than the specified file sizes. In the next step, you can tell the program whether to ignore the files' names, dates, and/or hidden attributes during the search.

In the fourth step, you can optionally provide a file name, or part of it, for your search and, finally, in the last step, you can select what to do with the found duplicate files. The available options are sending them to Windows' Recycle Bin, removing them permanently, or sending them to the program's Rescue Center. It keeps your removed duplicate files until you are totally sure you can safely get rid of them; otherwise, you can restore them to their original locations. By the way, the program lists the detected duplicate files after the search process finishes, so that you can select which one(s) to keep and which to delete. Moreover, you can start the process from any step of the wizard, letting the program use its default configuration for the remaining steps.

As you can see, with AusLogics Duplicate File Finder, you can easily detect duplicate files of all types by simply dealing with five easy steps. The program uses proprietary state-of-the-art algorithms that provide lightning file search speeds and analyze your files bases on their contents so that you will be able to detect duplicate files even if they have different file names or creation/modification dates. Given that this is a free tool, I would recommend it to any PC user, especially to those suffering from disk space lack.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Detect duplicate files
  • Filter your search by file type, name, size, dates, or hidden attributes
  • Keep your deleted files in its Rescue Center until it's safe to remove them


  • No drawbacks found during this review
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